Penn Trafford Students Prototype an Innovative Solution

May 7, 2024

Remember the post highlighting Penn Trafford High School’s trip to Cleaveland/Price, Inc. where they were presented a real-world problem?? They just presented their solutions to the company this morning!!

Don’t remember? To summarize… Cleaveland/Price presented the students with a process improvement project focused on insulator handling for employees. Their goal was to design a universal lifting device that enables safe, efficient, and reliable transfer of insulators to their horizontal shipping position.

These intelligent students worked hard brainstorming ideas, prototyping ideas, and putting them to the test! They presented all of their findings during a professional presentation in the classroom to Cleaveland/Price, Inc. team and Catalyst Connection.

The students presented on the full process they went through, which ideas didn’t quite work, prototypes that didn’t stand the test, improvements made, and then showed us prototypes of the ideas that did work!

The audience asked tough questions and the students answered quickly and well! This was a great experience had by all. Penn Trafford’s principal was also in the room for the presentation and mentioned that he really enjoyed watching his students experience a real-world task in partnership with industry. This was an invaluable experience for these students!

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