A New Manufacturing for a new way of life.

Manufacturing is experiencing a technological revolution that is transforming the way we make things, the career opportunities available, and the skills required to succeed. Today’s modern manufacturing involves cutting edge technologies, clean facilities, high precision, innovation, creativity, and a work day that is rarely monotonous. Manufacturing is solving major world challenges, providing an opportunity to make a difference, and offering great pay/benefits.


Manufacturing jobs pay 12% more than other jobs which is $72,000 annually on average

70% of the most in-demand jobs don’t require a 4-year degree

There will be 30,000 local manufacturing job openings in the next 10 years

Do you like to create? Are you interested in the lastest technology?

If so, a career in manufacturing may be right for you! 

Manufacturing is an exciting industry with many growth options. Today, manufacturing involves cutting-edge technology such as 3D printing, augmented reality, coding, automation, and much more. Manufacturing changes the way we solve everyday problems, supply businesses, and access information and resources.