Your Child’s Future is Everything

Guiding your children through a myriad of career options begins with having a strong understanding of the opportunities available in our region. When it comes to manufacturing, many have the misconception that the industry is stuck in the 2nd or 3rd industrial revolution era; nothing could be further from the truth. In today’s modern, advanced manufacturing field, there are multiple career pathways that offer family-sustaining wages and meaningful long-term growth potential. More and more, manufacturing companies offer great benefits as well as a variety of continuing education opportunities (apprenticeships, tuition reimbursement, on-the-job-training, and more).

Within a manufacturing company, there are also dozens of STEM careers under one roof. While there is high demand for those with a skilled trade (machining, welding, industrial maintenance, electrical assembly, engineering technicians), there are countless other careers many are not aware of that your children could explore.  Some of these include: accounting, sales, logistics, environmental health and safety, quality, chemistry, marketing, medical scientists, human resources, supervisors/managers, data analysts, information technology, computer programming, and more!

We encourage you to explore the resources below to read regional reports about marketplace trends happening in the area, watch videos, learn about available careers.

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Training School for Your Kid (Juniors & Seniors)

Going to college is one way to prepare for and enter a career in manufacturing, but many well-paying, high demand careers are also available through other advanced training options. These options include apprenticeship programs, career and technology center programs, accelerated skilled trade programs, two-year Associate degrees, and 4-year degrees. Explore the Making Your Future training map!