Why should I attend?

Join Catalyst Connection and The Consortium for Public Education for a professional learning experience called Industry 4.0 Teacher Academy! During this unique experience you will learn how the manufacturing industry is using emerging Industry 4.0 technologies to revolutionize the way they manufacture, improve and distribute their products. After attending this experience you will know how you can take the knowledge you gained back into your classroom to expose today’s learners of these high-demand and high-paying career pathways. 

What to expect during the experience:

  • Learn about a variety of emerging technologies and create a plan of action for taking the knowledge into your classroom and district.
  • Join a peer network community of fellow educators for collaboration opportunities both short-term and long-term.
  • Network with resource providers, partner organizations, and manufacturing industry representatives.

Attend the academy with another teacher from your district to cross collaborate (this is not a requirement, but we highly recommend!). 

    Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

    3-Day Industry 4.0 Teacher Academy Summer Experience


    • Day 1: July 25th, 2024 – 8:00am-3:00pm @ Mill 19
      + tour of ARM and CMU’s Manufacturing Futures Institute
    • Day 2: August 1st, 2024 – 8:00am-3:00pm @ CCAC North Side 
      tour of Moonshot Museum
    • Day 3: August 9th, 2024 – 8:00am-3:00pm @ Digital Foundry
      + tour of Pittsburgh Brewing Company

    Attend all 3 full days and recieve a $300 stipend and Act 48 hours!

    Past Professional Development Opportunities:

    Summer 2023 - 3-Day Experience

    This 3-day experience kicked off the Industry 4.0 Teacher Academy and was wildly successful! Attendees were eager for more afterwards which sparked the program continuing into other sessions throughout the school year and into the next summer.

    Day 1: August 1, 2023 @ Mill 19

    Day 2: August 8th, 2023 @ Robert Morris University

    Day 3: August 15th, 2023 @ Digital Foundry in New Kensington

    November 2023 - General 1-Day Session

    This 1-day event was a condensed version of the summer 2023 exeperience. We encouraged attendees from the summer to share the invitation with others at their districts and also welcomed new districts to the mix! It was a great informative session.

    November 2nd, 2023 @ Pittsburgh Technical College

    December 2023 - Hands-On Robotics Session

    This 1-day hands-on session was a result of our previous attendees wanting to get deeper into specific technologies and get some more hands-on experiences. This session focused specifically on robotics.

    December 7th, 2023 @ BotsIQ Training Center

    Spring 2024 - Hands-On Additive Manufacturing Workshops

    These two sessions were a result of our previous attendees wanting to get deeper into specific technologies and get some more hands-on experiences. These sessions focused specifically on Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing).

    February 27th, 2024 @ Pittsburgh Technical College – Intro to Additive Manufacturing Workshop

    March 20th, 2024 @ Pittsburgh Technical College – Advanced Additive Manufacturing Workshop

    What is Industry 4.0?

    Hear from Past Attendees

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What subject area teachers should attend these trainings?

    While technology education teachers may seem to have the best alignment, this training is beneficial for teachers from a wide array of subject areas! Including, but not limited to English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Business, etc. as Industry 4.0 is multifaceted.

    Can more than 1 teacher from my district attend?

    Absolutely! We actually encourage that more than 1 individual from a school district attends our Industry 4.0 Academy. This allows for collaboration at the district.

    I am a school administrator (ie: principal, curriculum coordinator, guidance counselor, etc.) am I able to attend?

    Yes, of course! We would just encourage you to bring a teacher with you from your district.

    What will I learn?

    You will learn:

    • What types of manufacturing happens in Southwestern Pennsylvania
    • What is Industry 4.0 and the different types of technologies
    • How to implement technologies into your district
    • How to educate your students on these career pathways

    You will:

    • Interact with local manufacturing professionals who are using Industry 4.0 technologies
    • Experience hands-on activities provided by our various partners that can be brought into your districts at no-cost
    • Tour awesome locations! 
    Do I need prior knowledge of Industry 4.0 to attend?

    Absolutely not! All levels of knowledge are welcome.

    How will I know if I am selected for a training?

    The trainings and workshops are all first come first serve. We only have a certain number of spots available for each. Our summer academys are 30 max. We will notify confirmation once registration has been received.

    Is lunch provided?

    Yes, lunch will be provided at each training/workshop day.

    Do I have to attend all 3 days to recieve the stipend?

    Yes, you must attend all 3 FULL days of the summer academy experience to recieve the $300 stipend.

    Will I be reimbursed for mileage?

    No, mileage will not be reimbursed. The teacher stipend during the summer days can be utilized for this expense.

    Is parking free at each location?

    There are free parking options at most locations. More details will be sent out regarding each location after registration.

    I am not able to attend the current available dates, but will this be offered again?

    It is our intent to offer it again in a variety of ways. This is dependent on funding and teacher feedback.

    If you would like to be on a waiting list for a future offering please contact Hannah. hkusenko@catalystconnection.org


    3-day summer experience is back!

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    RKM Family Foundation