About the IMT Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Industrial Manufacturing Technician Pre-Apprenticeship helps high school students begin a pathway to a career in manufacturing. Due to changing manufacturing technologies, entry-level workers require higher skills than before, and employers are struggling to recruit and retain these types of workers. We currently have 2 state registered Pre-Apprenticeship programs: IMT Pre-Apprenticeship and Advanced IMT Pre-Apprenticeship. These two programs directly connect to one another and allow students to receive 7 industry recognized certifications after completion of both. 

IMT Pre-Apprenticeship

    • 2 modules, ability to receive 3 certifications, and 45-hours  advanced standing in Catalyst Connection’s IMT Apprenticeship Program
    • Safety and Quality

Advanced IMT Pre-Apprenticeship

  • 2 modules, ability to receive 3 certifications, and 45-hours  advanced standing in Catalyst Connection’s IMT Apprenticeship Program
  • Manufacturing Processes & Production and Maintenance Awareness
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Our Pre-Apprenticeship programs are very flexible and can be tailored to each school need. Contact us today to start the conversation of implementation into your school!

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Key Benefits for Students

Stackable credentials that are a foundation for multiple career pathways

Leads to industry-recognized credentials recognized nationally

Career exploration activities with local manufacturing companies

Career coaching to assist in starting a career in manufacturing

Networking with other pre-apprentices from other local school districts

Eligible for paid work experiences with local companies after completing one certification

Guaranteed job interview upon completion of one certification

Schools Currently Enrolled

  • Blackhawk School District
  • Burrell School District
  • City Charter High School
  • Keystone Oaks School District 
  • Laurel Highlands School District
  • Sto-Rox School District
  • Quaker Valley School District

Articulations with Post-Secondary Institutions 

IMT Pre-Apprenticeship  Online Curriculum

Safety Curriculum
  1. Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Industry 4.0 and IIoT
  3. Safety Responsibilities
  4. Practicing Safety in the Workplace
  5. Types of PPE
  6. Hazardous Materials Standards
  7. Hazardous Material Handling and Storage
  8. Machine Safety
  9. Equipment Safety
  10. Material Handling and Robot Safety
  11. Safety Inspections and Analysis
  12. Work Area Safety
  13. Training
  14. Fire and Electrical Safety
  15. Emergency and Accident Response
  16. Introduction to Communication
  17. Receiving Communication
  18. Communication Methods
  19. Communicating Feedback
  20. Introduction to Teams
  21. Production Team Communication
  22. Team Ideation
  23. Workplace Behavior
Quality Curriculum
  1. Introduction to Quality
  2. Dimensional Measurement
  3. Measurement Conversion
  4. Introduction to Print Reading
  5. Multiview Drawings
  6. Blueprint Dimensions and Notes
  7. Manufacturing Drawings and Scales
  8. Welding Symbols
  9. Tolerancing
  10. Caliper Measurement
  11. Micrometer Measurement
  12. Indicator Measurement
  13. Quality Inspections and Audits
  14. Introduction to Quality Tools
  15. Preventive and Corrective Action
  16. Basic Statistical Concepts
  17. Introduction to Control Chart
Processes and Production Curriculum
  1. Principles of Manufacturing Automation
  2. Industry 4.0 Technologies
  3. Advanced Manufacturing Materials
  4. Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  5. Mechanical Power
  6. Basic Mechanical Elements
  7. Power Efficiency
  8. Hand Tools
  9. Band Saw Operation
  10. Introduction to the Drill Press
  11. Machine Operations 1
  12. Machine Operations 2
  13. Introduction to CNC Machining
  14. CNC Workspace
  15. CNC Programming and Operation
  16. Automated System Operations
  17. Machine Adjustments
  18. Machine Troubleshooting
  19. Manufacturing Metrics
  20. Production Planning and Workflow
  21. Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
  22. Lean Manufacturing Organization
  23. Lean Manufacturing Operations
  24. Inventory Management
  25. Production Control
  26. Material Quality Control
Maintenance Awareness Curriculum
  1. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  2. Mechanical Power Transmission
  3. Gear Drives
  4. Belt Drives
  5. Chain Drives
  6. Oil Lubrication
  7. Grease Lubrication
  8. Introduction to Fluid Power
  9. Pneumatic Power
  10. Basic Cylinder Circuits
  11. Hydraulic Power
  12. Basic Hydraulic Cylinder Circuits
  13. Fluid Power Speed Control
  14. Hydraulic Filtration
  15. Basic Electrical Circuits
  16. Electrical Voltage and Current Concepts
  17. Electrical Resistance Measurement
  18. Power in Electrical Circuits
  19. Control Logic Circuits
  20. Electrical Control Diagrams
  21. Relay Control Circuits
  22. Automation Sequence Circuits
  23. Introduction to Electronic Sensors
  24. Programmable Controller Operation
  25. Basic PLC Programming
  26. PLC Motor Control
  27. Basic Robot Operation
  28. Introduction to Welding
  29. Welding Operations
  30. Weld Types


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