Industry 4.0 and Robotics

Nov 20, 2020

Pittsburgh has been a center for manufacturing and robotics innovation for decades.  This is an exciting portion of the Industry 4.0 movement in manufacturing that is pushing innovation, making us globally competitive, and solving complex problems.  Robots are not replacing workers, they are giving people the opportunities to do higher level thinking, more meaningful work, and work that is safer, more accurate, and less monotonous.  Careers in mechanical, electrical, robotics, and industrial engineer are great pathways to pursue.  But also there is a strong need for problem solvers, technology experts, and creative people with certifications and associate degrees as well in fields like robotics technician, electrical assembly, technology integration, and the very high in demand field of Mechatronics (sometimes called Industrial Maintenance).  Check out this video to see robots in action working in manufacturing companies!