Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators: City Charter High School Students Kick Off Manufacturing Innovation Challenge Project

Feb 7, 2024

A group of ambitious high school students from City Charter High School recently kicked off their Manufacturing Innovation Challenge Project! 


These students are embarking on a unique project in partnership with Catalyst Connection, the ARM Institute, and Center of Life. Their project kickoff took place at Mill 19 where they took a tour of the building and heard presentations on advanced manufacturing from the organizations involved.

So, you’re probably wondering… what is their project? Glad you asked! The students from City High are tasked with conceptualizing, designing, and coming up with marketing ideas for a K-12 learning lab at Mill 19. Charged with this inspiring challenge, the students eagerly embraced the opportunity to leverage their creativity and ingenuity to shape the future of education and manufacturing. The prospect of a dedicated learning space within Mill 19 sparked excitement among the students. It wasn’t merely about envisioning a physical space; it was about reimagining the possibilities and harnessing innovation to cultivate the next generation of industry leaders.

Throughout the program, these students will collaborate, brainstorm, and price out their ideas, guided by mentors and industry experts. Their journey will be one of discovery, experimentation, and growth as they navigate the complexities of real-world problem-solving.

As we witness these young minds embark on this transformative journey, we can’t help but feel inspired by their enthusiasm and determination. They represent the future of innovation—a future where creativity knows no bounds and where education and industry converge to drive meaningful change.

Check back in May for an update on what these students come up with!

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