CNC Machinists Make Chips Fly!

Oct 15, 2020

Additive manufacturing (3D printing where you are building up and adding material) is all the rage in schools and is an emerging technology used in multiple industries from defense, NASA, manufacturing, and healthcare.  But have you ever watched the painfully slow and boring process of 3D printing?

If you want to see something exciting, watch a CNC machine (computer numeric controlled) go to work on a hunk of metal!  This process called subtractive manufacturing (taking away metal to make a part) has chips flying, lubricants, high RPM cutting tools, flashing lights, computer control systems, and is the backbone of modern manufacturing.

This is also hands, down the most high demand career in our region as well with not only quantity of jobs, but also high paying jobs with incredible advancement potential.

Check out this video to see a CNC machine in action, explore our website to learn more about these careers, and check out this searchable map to learn about education programs in the region to learn to be a CNC Machinist or Operator.