Burrell High School MIC Presentation at MetPlas

May 16, 2022

This morning we joined Burrell High School students at MetPlas for their Manufacturing Innovation Challenge formal presentations! This group went to MetPlas in March for an introductory visit and were presented with their real-world project. (In case you missed it: you can read more about their first visit in this blog!)

The students separated into two teams to produce different solutions for the Inventory Management project. Burrell High School teacher, Shaun Reddick, said that this project was one of the hardest his students have been faced with since starting participation in the MIC program years ago, but they came through with great solutions! The first team’s solution was to hire an Inventory Manager at MetPlas – the students gave a breakdown of cost savings, return on investment, and the job role of this individual. The second team dove into the software that MetPlas is currently using for inventory management to see if there was a better solution within their current software and gave some changes, they can implement into their current processes to make their inventory management more efficient.

All in all, the whole experience was great! Both the students and the company can’t wait to continue working on projects like this!