Apprenticeships Provide College Education at No Cost

Nov 23, 2020

Did you know that apprenticeship programs are seeing a massive resurgence in the United State and here in the Pittsburgh region?  Apprentices are full-time employees at a company with the same salary and benefits of other entry level workers.  The difference is that they are on a fast-track training program either in general manufacturing skills or a specific technology such as CNC Machining/Operating, Welding, Industrial Maintenance, CAD, Sales Engineer, etc.  Apprentices are mentored and provided “on-the-job training” as well as classroom instruction at no cost to them and on company time.  Yes…earn and learn!  And many times, this classroom instruction is provided by a local community college so it is a way to also get a college degree paid for by someone else!  To learn more about one such manufacturing apprenticeship program in the area, managed by Catalyst Connection, check out the below video.