Are You Graduating Soon?

To pursue a career in manufacturing, there are multiple ways to get started.

Think about and make a list of what you are passionate about. In most cases, there is a way to connect that passion to a career in manufacturing!

Talk to your career/guidance counselor to see what classes and opportunities exist at your school.

Look at some of the career options available in manufacturing by using our virtual scavenger hunts, checking out the careers highlighted on the website, downloading our mobile games, or looking at online job postings.

Identify the education and skills required for those careers. Check out our training map to see some of the post-secondary options available to you.

Determine where you want to live and what type of manufacturing company you might like to work for. Check out this map of manufacturers to learn about those near you.

Ask Nate, our career coach, for specific recommendations regarding next steps or for assistance in starting on your pathway towards a career in manufacturing.

Career Exploration

We are excited that you are beginning your journey and considering manufacturing as a possible career! The possibilities are endless and there are tremendous opportunities to make an impact in today’s world!