Students from Penn Trafford tackle a real-world project at Cleaveland/Price

Oct 19, 2023

Yesterday 11th and 12th grade students from Penn Trafford High School traveled down the road to visit Cleaveland/Price, Inc. What were they doing there? Great question!

Catalyst Connection has paired up Penn Trafford High School and Cleaveland/Price to work together on a Manufacturing Innovation Challenge (MIC) project. This involves the company presenting the students with something that needs fixed/improved within their plant and the students put their heads together over an extended period of time to solve the problem. Once they come up with a solution (or multiple solutions!) they revisit the company for a professional presentation.

So, what did Cleaveland/Price present these students with? Process improvement of insulator handling for employees. This will be accomplished by designing a universal lifting device that enables safe, efficient, and reliable transfer of insulators to their horizontal shipping position. The students were given a presentation on the company, their processes, and the established project. After the presentation, the students were able to be on the manufacturing floor and see everything in motion; including the insulators that their project is focused on!

The students had a wonderful expereince at Cleaveland/Price and asked plenty of questions. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Check out some photos from the tour and presentation below. Photo credit Hannah Kusenko, Catalyst Connection.