Making Inspiration led by our partner CodeJoy is a virtual and interactive program with the purpose to inspire and give students a sense of accomplishment with knowledge of manufacturing skills and careers. 

This program was ran in 2021 as a pilot and for a week in 2023. In this time, the program has reached 712 students, 46 teachers, and 15 schools!

What is Making Inspiration?

What should I expect?

During these 45 minute interactive, virtual sessions, students will program and control a REAL robotic Haunted House (check out the preview video below!), LIVE during the session! Students will also learn how robotics components like motors, LEDs, and sensors are used in modern manufacturing. Classrooms will then learn more ways to engage in manufacturing education through the resources available from Catalyst Connection.

Ideal for grades 3-12, with absolute beginner to advanced coding knowledge welcome. 

These sessions require NO pre-teaching or prep from teachers. 

Students join the session using the link provided from individual computers or Chromebooks

During the session, students chat with hosts Kelsey and Matt the Robot while helping robot characters solve problems using the coding concepts they learn.

Think of these like a virtual field trip or an interactive TV show! 

Up to 400 students can join a session at once, so invite a whole class, grade, or school to share the experience!

Teacher Feedback from 2021 Pilot

Roxie Furlong, Brownsville School District: “​​This was a great experience for us!”

Courtney Barbiaux, Burrell School District: “Thank you for the great class the other day! The kids loved it! Any ideas on how to extend it? They want to come back this week.”

Ian Finn, Moon Area Middle School: “Thanks so much for the interactive presentation on Monday. The engagement was great. It was nice that the kids could directly interact with your presentation.”

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We hope to offer these 45-minute sessions again soon.