Igniting Passion: Sto-Rox High School Students at IAW

Apr 16, 2024

In the heart of Hazelwood, at Industrial Arts Workshop, a group of eight students from Sto-Rox High School embarked on an exciting journey into the world of welding. Four of these students are currently enrolled in Catalyst Connection’s IMT Pre-Apprenticeship Program, so this helped them see what they are learning online come together in real life.

This one-day hands-on experience at the Industrial Arts Workshop wasn’t just about learning techniques; it was about igniting passion, sparking creativity, and paving the way for future manufacturing careers. The day began with an overview of what welding truly entails—a fusion of precision, technique, and creativity. Guided by experienced instructors, the students learned the intricacies of Stick and MIG welding and got to try each welding technique themselves.

The workshop wasn’t just about technique; it was about unleashing creativity and innovation. Divided into teams of two, the students embarked on a challenge to design and weld a device capable of holding up a mug filled with coffee or tea. It was a test of ingenuity, requiring not only technical proficiency but also imaginative thinking. From sketches to prototypes, each team worked hard on crafting a solution! Each team showcased their inventive designs at the end of the day (pictured below).

These students gained invaluable skills but some also may have discovered a passion that could shape their future. Whether pursuing careers in welding, engineering, or beyond, the lessons learned at the Industrial Arts Workshop would serve as a foundation for their journey ahead. Huge thank you to our great friends at Industrial Arts Workshop for welcoming these students into their workshop and inspiring their young minds!