We Get It…

Graduation. Plans for the future. Deciding on a career pathway. It can all seem overwhelming. Maybe you aren’t even sure what options are available or you’re still undecided about which career field interests you. Perhaps your plans have even been disrupted by these challenging times. We are here to provide you with options for a rewarding future – including options that you haven’t previously considered. Our goal is to provide you with promising career options that align with your passions and interests.

Learn about the wide array of training options available in the region by searching the map on the Making Your Future website.

Get with the Program

While you’re in school, competitions, programs, and career-related experiences can give you the chance to learn about careers you haven’t discovered yet. These programs can include design challenges, robotics competitions, coding days, and more. Does your school not offer this kind of program? Sounds like a great opportunity to advocate starting a program at your school or to reach out to us for help in doing so!

Here are a few existing programs that can introduce you to manufacturing careers.

Gear Up





Best Robotics


Technology Student Association

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