Program Summary

First piloted in 2021, Making Inspiration is a virtual and interactive program with the purpose to inspire and give students a sense of accomplishment with knowledge of manufacturing skills and careers. This program is funded by the Arconic Foundation and led by CodeJoy.

We are excited to continue this program in 2022 and beyond with a second show offering! 

If you are interested in being involved when we kick this off in the 2022 school year, please contact Scott Dietz

Pilot Program Participation

130 Students

18 Teachers

12 Programs

9 School Districts

Pilot Program Teacher Feedback

Roxie Furlong, Brownsville School District: “​​This was a great experience for us!”

Courtney Barbiaux, Burrell School District: “Thank you for the great class the other day! The kids loved it! Any ideas on how to extend it? They want to come back this week.”

Ian Finn, Moon Area Middle School: “Thanks so much for the interactive presentation on Monday. The engagement was great. It was nice that the kids could directly interact with your presentation.”

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Manufacturing Innovation Challenge

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WSCAM Middle School Video Contest